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ProSeed allie savoir-faire technologique et approche circulaire pour produire un nouvel ingrédient protéiné upcyclé, sans aucune terre à cultiver

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ProSeed merges technology and a circular approach to provide a new, upcycled, and healthy protein ingredient by processing the brewer’s spent grain (BSG), the main side stream of the brewing industry.

Produced locally out ofSwiss breweries’ malted barley, our ingredient is rich in proteins, fibers and low in carbohydrates. Our protein concentrate improves the nutritional quality while preserving the flavors of various recipes, such as breads, cookies, bars and snacks. Sold to food manufacturers, our solution allows them to offer healthier and more sustainable products to their consumers, while also being a responsible and eco-friendly alternative to current food improvers / additives.

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Circulaire, Alimentation
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