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eSMART Technologies

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eSMART Technologies

Mieux vivre dans son habitat sans trop emprunter à la planète.

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eSMART develops intelligent systems for building automation.

It can manage building functions like heating, lighting, electricity or videophone systems with a touchscreen in the living room or a smartphone app. The screen can also display the current use of electricity and water in real-time, informing occupants about energy consumption.

This spin-off of the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne), founded in 2011, developed a technology that requires no additional cables and that can be integrated effortlessly and cost-effectively into existing buildings.

The micro-modules mounted directly behind the switches communicate via the existing wiring. Thanks to the easy installation, eSmart has amongst its customers some of the major construction companies in Switzerland.

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Eau, Construction
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