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BluAct Technologies

BluAct is an award winning Swiss startup, invented revolutionary water purification technology.

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BluAct Technologies is an award-winning spin-off company of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, which has discovered revolutionary techniques for water purification.

BluAct offers several technologies for water treatment that rely on combinations of food protein nanofibrils and activated carbon granules. These treatment processes remove extremely high amounts of unwanted and harmful contaminants from water. BluAct's superior filtration products can be used effectively either as an integral step in the creation of potable water for human consumption or as one step in the absolute elimination of toxic elements of wastewater.

Benefits of BluAct Products:

- No Energy and pressure required, low operation cost

- High efficiency for multiple pollutant removal: inorganic, organic & biological pollutants

- Sustainable raw materials

- Non-specific adsorption of different pollutants (in contrast to Ion exchange resins)

- Recovery of valuable metals

- Easy to scale up and scale down

- Color and odour removal

- No need to remineralize the water (in contrast to reverse osmosis)

- Ions to macrometer size particles removal

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